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There can be times when we experience difficulties that are hard to sort out on our own. Sometimes our usual sources of support, such as family or friends, are too close to us or can even be part of the problem.  It may then be helpful to see a trained and experienced counsellor/psychotherapist in a private and confidential setting where it is possible to talk freely.

Counselling and psychotherapy provide a regular time and space for people to talk about their troubles and explore difficult feelings, make sense of what is happening, gain greater self-awareness, improve their relationships, and develop better ways of living.

Therapy can help overcome mental health problems, such as depression or an eating disorder, even if someone is already getting other kinds of help from a GP or psychiatrist.  It can also help people come to terms with an ongoing physical problem, illness or disability.

Therapy can be a means of coping with physical symptoms or complaints that doctors can’t alleviate.  If your GP can’t find a physical cause for your problems, you may want to look further to see whether there is a psychological side to your symptoms.

Acceptance and respect for each individual is a vital part of therapy.  It means that the person can be confident that they will not be judged and a relationship based on trust is able to develop.

Our counsellors/psychotherapists come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences.  They are highly trained individuals, who are skilled in dealing with a wide range of issues and difficulties.  All are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and work to the BACP ethical framework.

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Clinical Psychology

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General Surgery

Mr R J W Rodney Peyton OBE

Mr. J.W. Rodney Peyton OBE is an accomplished general surgeon, author and trainer with a longstanding commitment to surgical education, and a proven track record of pro-activity in developing and implementing both clinical and training initiatives.

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Holistic Health

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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments

Maryam Shafiei

Maryam, MSc, BSc, INP is a highly qualified Advanced Nurse Practitioner with more than twenty five years of experience in nursing and medical aesthetic.

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Dr Raeburn Forbes MD(Hons) FRCP Ed FRCP Lond
Consultant Neurologist

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Tel:  02890 667676

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Occupational Health/Aviation Medicine

Dr Stephen Houston

Telephone: 07974269427

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Palliative Medicine and Pain Management

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  • Dr Gerry Browne (Consultant in Pain Management)
Plastic Surgery

Mr Brendan Fogarty

Consultant in Plastic Surgery & Lead Clinician for Plastic Surgery, The Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

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Dr Carol Weir

Dr Weir’s area of expertise is Addiction – alcohol – prescribed and illegal drugs and gambling. Also she undertakes Neuropsychological cases. She has been providing Medico-legal reports over the past 15 years and has appeared as a Professional Witness on many occasions.

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Monaghan + Morrow Vasectomy Clinic

At we provide minimally invasive non scalpel vasectomy.  This is thought to be the gold standard procedure for vasectomy which is essentially a keyhole type procedure which is quick, comfortable and hassle free with a quick recovery time and high success rate.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Healthier Weight

We are delighted to consult within the Malone Medical Chambers to offer weight loss surgery services in Northern Ireland. As the UK’s leading weight loss specialists since 2003, Healthier Weight has helped thousands to lose weight and change their lives forever.

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